Ann Testimonial
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*“I spent the spring of 2010 travelling back and forth between the Midwest and New England. 4 months of lugging 30+ pounds of laptop and gear in a shoulder bag slung over my right shoulder through airports to meetings, workspaces and hotels.

After relocating to southern New England in the summer of 2010 I noticed pronounced pain in my neck. It came and went without apparent reason. Must have been all that lugging.

So I began seeing a chiropractor regularly. Every other week to start, then monthly. It seemed to help. Sometimes.

By summer of 2012 the neck pain had grown worse. I was exercising regularly, lifting weights, seeing the chiropractor. But the pain was more intense and more frequent. There were many times I’d have to position myself carefully in conference rooms just to take meeting notes. It was very distracting in addition to being painful. And I was becoming a real bear to work with.

Somebody suggested acupuncture. Another co-worker - she suffers from rheumatoid arthritis - suggested I see her massage therapist. I’d known a few would-be message therapists from my years I working and recreating in a college town. No thank you.

But the pain had become a constant and unwelcome companion. So I relented. I went to see Amanda Cotnoir at Bellaviso Salon in Dover, NH. She’s the real thing. After half a dozen sessions of deep tissue massage, l noticed a 50% reduction in pain and frequency. Amazing! In the beginning, she said I had knots. How many? All over, she said. Like some of her shipyard welder clients. But I didn’t weld. Nor did I contort the way they have to, or so I thought. That autumn I was scheduled to see Dr. Clifford Risk, a brilliant sleep medicine professional located in Marlborough, MA, for a check-up. Afterward he suggested I see Dr. Amparo David for a C-PAP alternative that would be more convenient to use during business travel. So that’s what I did. Dr. David explained what she would do and spent considerable time and effort fitting and photographing for the appliance and making certain every aspect was optimized for my particular needs.

It’s turned out to be a miraculous device! And using it got me to thinking: if I could move (reposition) my jaw, just little, maybe that would be good. Hmmmm… Dr. David did some more tests. High touch rather than high tech. They seemed too simple to work. Then she had me take an x-ray. She said a bite splint would be a good idea. My jaws were sorely out of alignment. She was wearing a bite splint at the time. Preaching what you practice separates the wheat from the chaff in my experience. So I gave it some thought and decided to proceed. Dr. David and her staff took the same care in fitting me for the bite splint that they’d taken with the sleep appliance.

A week after I began wearing the splint, my neck pain disappeared completely. Gone. Another couple of weeks passed and I became aware of my posture and gait. I’d been standing and walking incorrectly (contorting) for years! But now, by being aware, my body is able correct naturally. I feel more relaxed and naturally energized than I have in a long, long time. I even lugged that laptop on a recent 3-week multi-city assignment with no discomfort whatsoever. Dr. David and her dedicated staff really put their hearts and healing abilities into everything they do. If you have inexplicable neck, shoulder or back pain, you owe it to yourself to see Dr. David. Don’t wait. Don’t suffer needlessly.”

Douglas L., Stow MA

*“I honestly forgot what it was like to feel pain free, think clearly and have a memory, until I started seeing Dr. David for my sleep apnea. Having battled sleep issues for many years, each doctor I saw blamed it on anxiety or sent me somewhere else. Finally, at the end of my rope, I was sent for a sleep study - but told because I was of normal weight, sleep apnea was unlikely. Moderate sleep apnea came back as my diagnosis and as I learned in my first appointment with Dr. David, sleep apnea doesn't discriminate. It effects all body types, genders and races.

First and foremost, I want to say that the staff at Dr. David's office are the most caring, genuine and professional group of people I have had the pleasure of working with. They immediately put me at ease during my visits and provided follow up check-ins after I left the office just to see how I was doing.

Due to my severe jaw clenching and long time history of neck, shoulder and jaw pain, Dr. David recommended starting me on a day time splint in conjunction with the sleep apnea night device. The goal was to heal the inflammation in the TMJ. This took just a couple days to get used to. Very quickly I forgot it was even in my mouth. After 3 months I began weaning. My jaw range of motion improved dramatically, along with my pain index and inflammation. Dr. David uses cutting edge techniques for treating the whole patient -utilizing a neurological approach to pain as it connects through out the body. When my jaw began to heal the pain in other areas of my body began to dissipate. As a yoga instructor, I can't even begin to tell you the difference it has made in my practice along with every other aspect of my life.

I was much more worried about the sleep device. Diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Sjogren's less than a year ago, dry mouth is one of my most debilitating symptom. The CPAP machine was intolerable. As an open mouth sleeper, I needed the full face mask. This exacerbated my dryness an kept me awake. Dr. David was very knowledgeable about my disease. We took baby steps with the device trying different things along the way. Dr. David works to think outside of the box with her patients. She recommends alternative medical options which include dietary changes to help with inflammation and overall health, vitamins and in my case, options to help with my dry mouth. It took time to get used to the device. Patience and continued support from Dr. David and her staff were key in my success.

I felt noticeable results after just a week of using the device. I stopped waking several times a night gasping for air. It felt like the cloud finally cleared out of my head. Bimonthly visits ensured that I was able to get all my questions answered and make adjustments to the device as needed.

I can honestly say I feel like a completely different person today. I feel like my old self, maybe even better! I recommend anyone to Dr. David with sleep apnea or any other TMJ disorders.”

Jen M., Stow MA

* The results described herein are specific to the those individuals. Their results in no way guarantee the same results in others.